Auto-Transport Rogalscy Sp. J. is a 20-year old, fast growing and dynamic business, which provides transport and shipping services.

During the term of its operation our company has established a significant position on the market of transport services. The constantly growing group of business entities, which are served by us, is the evidence of the high quality of provided by the company services.

The owners and partners of Auto-Transport Rogalscy have a long experience with all matters related to shipping and transport services as well as logistics. 

Our experience and the necessary licenses and certificates, which we obtained, make it possible for us to fulfil all, even the most demanding tasks, our customers face on the everyday basis. 

Our mission is to ensure benefits to our Customers and Business Partners by providing: 

a professional service as far as organising the transport is concerned

customer service in the way it makes it possible to focus fully on one’s own business